Lauren Bamford
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This is that (small) batch of ceramics I was talking about finishing. Although it doesn’t look like much, it took a lot of troubleshooting to complete! 
I think these will be for sale at Scout.
I’ll call it a day for a while now.
6183, Kiata VIC
May 2014
I have published a zine, ‘Wakaru’. A collection of images from my visit to Japan this year. 20 pages, limited to 50 copies. $10
It will be available this Sunday 9th August at FOCUS, a camera swap meet and zine fair in the Linen Room of the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.
Also launching is ‘Oasis’: 
Oasis is the third title from Melbourne based Publishing house, Bloom. The publication features a collection of Australian images, taken by 52 local and abroad photographers.
The title works as a window into our culture today, without the colour of sun-kissed skin or postcard blue skies. With photographs taken from all over the continent, from the cities, suburbia, or god-knows-where, it’s from where you’d rather be.Filled with images from Aimée Han, Andy Johnson, Barry Mansfield, Ben Clement, Boyz Bieber, Brian Kanagaki, Cathy Marshall, Ché Parker, Christian Belgaux, Christopher Charles, Daniel Luxford, Dania Shihab, David Boyson Cooper, Emma Phillips, Flore Diamant, Hannan Jones, Jack Burton, Jack Harries, Jack Pam, Jack Shelton, Jackson Eaton, Jacob Wallwork, James Whineray, Jason Hamilton, Jay Dymock, Joe Nigel Coleman, Joel Wynn Rees, Jordan Madge, Kovacs, Lauren Bamford, Linsey Gosper, Lloyd Stubber, Lola Paprocka, Luke Schuetrumpf, Luke Van Aurich, Marc Tan, Marcel Rollock, Max Blackmore, Michael Thomas, Mitch Pinney, Natalie Nikitovic, Nicholas Hawker, Pani Paul, Paul John Nelson, Sam Wong, Samantha Hughes, Samuel Davison, Sarah Pannell, Sean Fennessy, Shaun Tompkins and Tom Powell.The 84 paged, perfect bound, laser printed, 6” x 8.5” title is released as a hand-numbered edition of 250.
I just deleted my big cartel ceramics store, and goodness me what a relief.
I’ve been dabbling with ceramics for a couple of years now, and I never intended to make any money off it, or treat it like a business opportunity. However, things ended up going that way a little - and it’s my own stupid fault. I guess you could say I ‘advertised’ what I was making through my instagram account, and that got people interested. I started a big cartel online shop. I sold pieces in a couple of Melbourne stores. Magazines came to me for interviews and to borrow my work for photoshoots. It was all happening. It IS all happening. However, it is all happening in stupid hours of the day. At 5am. At 7pm. At midnight. Glazing before photoshoots. Glazing after photoshoots. Glazing DURING photoshoots. A really mental timetable that no one could maintain. Meanwhile, I’m firing in my grandmas old 1960’s kiln the size of a microwave, that can only be operated manually. 
I started mucking around with ceramics, because I enjoyed it. I wanted to make stuff for us, and maybe a few other people. Then I went and got all carried away and am now completely stressed out at the thought of making anything.
As you can see, I’m not having fun anymore. I have a career as a photographer which I love, and I’m busier then ever before. 
SO long story short, I have one last collection I’m mid way through making, and then I’m going quiet. I will still be making things, but for fun. At my own pace. And when things break in the kiln, or the glaze flakes off or the colour comes out bad - it won’t matter. 
That feels better.
Barber, Kyoto
May 2014